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Frameless Popup javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 03:01:21] (200/195)
(IE4+) Launches a popup window without the Windows frame or titlebar. In other browsers, it launches a standard popup window. Position, width, and height are settable. Automatic closing of the window on leaving the page may also be optionally set....
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Frame Print javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 03:01:00] (202/199)
Control which frame is printed simply by using this short script. Easy! <!-- THREE STEPS TO INSTALL FRAME PRINT: 1. Set up your frames (example below) 2. Copy the coding into the HEAD of your HTML document for one frame 3. Add the...
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Focus OnLoad javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 03:00:41] (175/171)
You can easily put the user's cursor inside a text box (calling giving the text box focus) as soon as the page is loaded. This helps ensure that visitors do not 'overlook' an important form item on your site. Only 1 line of code! <!...
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Floating Link javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 03:00:24] (202/197)
This link will float in the upper right corner of the browser window and return you to the top of the window when clicked. Easily modified to include floating text or image! <!-- THREE STEPS TO INSTALL FLOATING LINK: 1. Copy the coding in...
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Fake Counter javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 03:00:04] (179/173)
If you don't quite have the traffic you'd like to your site, you can use your own fake page counter! Funny! Just don't get too carried away when you set the multiplier.... :-) <!-- TWO STEPS TO INSTALL FAKE COUNTER: 1. Paste th...
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Email This Page javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:59:43] (195/191)
Allow your visitors to email the current page to a friend. They just enter a friend's name and email address. It will send them a link to the current web page address in an email message signed by you, courtesy of freedback.com. Perfect! <...
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Email Address Protector javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:59:21] (213/210)
Home Page-Details Email Address Protector Here's a clever way to prevent email address collecting "robots" from grabbing your email address while still making your address available to your visitors. <!-- ONE STEP TO INSTALL EMAIL AD...
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Dynamic Title Bar javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:58:59] (193/189)
Displays changing text in a multi-message display in the browser title bar. Any number of message lines may be used, and a moving, attention-getting slide box draws the eye to the messages. <!-- ONE STEP TO INSTALL DYNAMIC TITLE BAR: 1. C...
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Dynamic Title javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:58:39] (206/199)
This script causes the message in the title bar to change every 10 seconds. Pretty neat! <!-- TWO STEPS TO INSTALL DYNAMIC TITLE: 1. Copy the coding into the HEAD of your HTML document 2. Add the onLoad event handler into the BODY tag...
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Dynamic Sized Image javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:58:19] (205/201)
Sometimes, your image does not look very good in different sized browser windows. This script will proportionally resize a graphic to fit within the current window or frame when a page is loaded, thus giving a more consistent and attractive look to...
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Drag-n-Drop javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:57:50] (193/191)
Simply click images on the web page, drag to move, and then drop images anywhere on the web page. A fun way to allow your visitors to interact with your site. And, it is a short script too! <!-- TWO STEPS TO INSTALL DRAG-N-DROP: 1. Copy...
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DOM Browser javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:57:32] (216/214)
The DOM Browser is a visual, interactive representation of the DOM (Document Object Model). It's helpful to beginners learning to interact with the DOM in JavaScript. It's also a great tool for side-by-side comparisons of Netscape, Internet Exp...
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Determined Popup javascript.internet.com [2003-02-19 02:56:39] (209/207)
This short, easy script set launches a window that continually re-opens itself and cannot be permanently closed unless the visitor clicks on a link that you provide. Compatible Browsers: NS6 and IE4-6. <!-- FIVE STEPS TO INSTALL DETERMINED POP...
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Какой HTML-редактор лучше? SomeOne [1998-12-18 19:30:58] (180/174)
Мы тут собираемся сайтец построить. А пока ищем более-менее нормальный редактор ШТМЛ. Не подскажете, какой лучше и удобнее?
    Ответов (4): SomeOne, SomeOne, SomeOne, Igor Padlovich Последний ответ [2003-02-19 00:21:30]:> только он немного того.
Ничего он не того.

> Например, после поиска и замены 
> нельз...
Date Updated javascript.internet.com [2003-02-18 01:46:53] (188/188)
On your site, you might want to just let visitors know the date that the script was updated, but not the time (maybe it's not important?) This simple script (about a dozen lines) you can do just that! Very neat! <!-- ONE STEP TO INSTALL DAT...
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Date & Time Stamp javascript.internet.com [2003-02-18 01:46:19] (174/173)
With this script, you can have the date and time the page was loaded 'stamped' to the page. This would make a wonderful header or footer for any web page. <!-- ONE STEP TO INSTALL DATE & TIME STAMP: 1. Paste the coding into the BODY...
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Crazy Window javascript.internet.com [2003-02-18 01:45:17] (186/181)
Your browser has gone crazy! The browser window jumps to random positions around the screen at a dizzying rate of 10 times a second. It is a good idea to load any page that uses this script in a new browser window so your visitor still can access y...
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Content Protector javascript.internet.com [2003-02-18 01:44:57] (201/199)
If your content page is loaded directly (not in frames) the page is reloaded in your frames. And to the aid of webmasters everywhere, this script also foils other sites loading your content page in their frames. Visitors are notified of the bandwidt...
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Closing Windows javascript.internet.com [2003-02-18 01:43:19] (186/185)
This set of short, easy scripts shows six different ways to close a window from JavaScript, including closing windows from a clicked link, a clicked image, or a clicked form button. <!-- ONE STEP TO INSTALL CLOSING WINDOWS: 1. Copy the cod...
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Close Window javascript.internet.com [2003-02-18 01:42:44] (194/194)
JavaScript can close a window when you push a button or click a text link. Super-short script too! <!-- ONE STEP TO INSTALL CLOSE WINDOW: 1. Copy the coding into the BODY of your HTML document --> <!-- STEP ONE: Paste this code into...
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